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Q. 1 :    Who is the owner of this website?

A. 1 :    CA Rakesh Agrawal is the owner of this website.  If you want to know more about him, then please go to the bottom of this website home page and click on 'About CA Rakesh V. Agrawal'.  He is based in Pune at present.


Q. 2 :     Who is Antargyan Cloudworks LLP?

A. 2 :     Antargyan Cloudworks is the technology partner, who manages the website, enquiry, dispatches, technical support etc. on behalf of CA Rakesh Agrawal.  This firm is also based in Pune at present.


Q. 3 :     What Products do you offer?

A. 3 :     We offer educational products in the form of video lectures.  These are specially designed for Chartered Accountancy Courses.  You may go to 'CA Course Category' on our home page and click the respective category to find our product details.


Q. 4 :     What syllabus is covered in the subject?  What is the price?  How many lectures are there?  What is the validity of the product?   How many views are allowed?  What is language of communication?  Etc. etc.

A. 4 :     Please choose the product you wish to buy and click on the product icon.  Scroll down below and you will find all the necessary details.


Q. 5 :     If I want to see the teaching style of Rakesh Sir, what should I do?

A. 5 :     Please go to the bottom of home page.  You will notice 'You Tube' icon.  Click on that icon and you will get connected to our You Tube Channel.  You will find plenty of demo lectures available there to watch and understand the teaching style of Rakesh Sir.


Q. 6 :     How to buy a product?

A. 6 :     Select the product from our website and put it in the cart.  It will guide you to make the payment online.  Once the payment is made, our team will process your order and it will be delivered to you by courier within 2 to 7 working days, depending upon the area, distance and city of delivery.


Q. 7 :     Can I buy the product personally across the counter i.e. by Hand Delivery?

A. 7 :     Yes.  We have some Authorized Franchise, who sell our products.  You will find the list of our authorized franchise, their address and phone numbers on our website, under the Tab 'Franchise'.  You may go there and buy the product across the counter.


Q. 8 :     If I want to attend live batch of Rakesh Sir, where will I get the information?

A. 8 :     Presently, Rakesh Sir is taking Live (i.e. Face to Face) batches under the banner of A. S. Foundation, Prestige Point, Shukrawar Peth, Pune.  You may contact the office staff of ASF at : 96676 71155 OR 97669 21860.


Q.9 :      Do you sell only Study Material i.e. Classroom notes?

A.9 :      No.  As our study material contains unsolved questions, which are solved in the classroom, we have decided not to sell it separately.  It is provided to you on buying our video lectures only.


Q.10 :    Can we renew the product on expiry?

A.10 :    Yes.  You will find a separate product called "1 Month Renewal" on our website.  Product can be renewed only after the expiry and not before.


Q.11 :    Do I need continuous internet connection to view the video lectures?

A.11 :    No.  You need internet to register your product once.  Thereafter, the software will ask you to update your usage log on weekly basis, at that time you will need internet.  To view the lectures, just insert the pen drive and run it.

              However, if you are buying a cloud version (i.e. Google Drive), then you need a good internet speed to download and store the video lectures once.  For viewing, you won't need internet connection.


Q.12 :   In case of any problem, whom to contact?

A.12 :   On purchasing the product, you will get User Manual.  It also contains the helpline numbers. For difficulties related to Software, Installation, Delivery Status, Audio or Video problems etc., please write to support@antargyan.com OR  info@carakeshagrawal.in.

             For subject related difficulties, please write to ngp.rakesh@gmail.com. We prefer email communication instead of phone call.  Please provide your Name, Phone Number, Product details, Product key, Type of Query etc. while asking for the help.  So that we can provide you the best services in a single communication.


Q.13 :    How do we get future amendments or changes?

A.13 :    Generally, the subject of Costing or FM doesn't have amendments or changes in the syllabus.  It is a static subject.  However, if ICAI comes out with any amendments or changes in the syllabus, we will provide you the soft copy (PDF) of such changes on our website, free of cost.  You will find it under the Tab 'Student Corner'.


Q.14 :    If we buy your product now, how will we remain updated till exams?

A.14 :   We keep uploading extra questions, case studies, immediate analysis of exam paper, self developed suggested answers of examinations held by ICAI etc. in PDF form on our website.  You may download it (free of cost) and update yourself. You will find it under the Tab 'Student Corner'.


Q.15 :    I am a student of CA Final - SCM&PE - Regular Batch.  Do I need to buy your  Amendment  Batch lectures?

A.15 :    Please click here to know more


Q.16 :    How do the students come to know about any changes or updations in the syllabus / new uploads on the website / new products launched / new lectures uploaded on you tube etc.

A.16 :    We have created a Telegram Channel for this purpose.  We will inform you about any such changes or updations related to the subject on this channel.  CA Inter students may join the channel by searching for "CAInterRakeshAgrawal" and CA Final students may join the channel by searching for "CAFinalRakeshAgrawal".


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