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₹500.00 incl tax
For Existing costing students
+ -
CA Intermediate (Paper 6A)
Financial Management (FM)
Regular Batch (Hindi + English)
As per New (2023) Syllabus
Sr.No Particulars Remarks
1 Coverage of Syllabus :
Full Syllabus as per Index Page
Theory + Practical Questions + MCQ's
2 Printed Study Material (Black & White) Hard Copy Provided in 2 Volumes
3 Duration of Recording 100 Clock Hours (approx)
4 Watch Time (at any speed) & Validity Options :
Watch time is irrespective of speed.
Watch Time: 1
Validity: 1 Year
5 No. of times you can open & close each lecture Max. 50 times
6 Mode of Delivery (App Based) Google Drive (GD)
7 Sales Price (MRP) Rs. 500 (for Costing Students)
Rs. 2,500 (for Other Students)
8 Language used while teaching Mixture of Hindi + English
9 Applicable for May 2023 exam and onwards
10 Compatible for  Android, Windows & Apple
11 Product Expiry: Each lecture will expire after 1 watch time or 1 year from registration date, whichever is earlier. If required, then watch time can be increased or validity can be extended, by paying additional charges.
12 Difficulty Solving Through Email Only. Email will be provided in Classroom Notes.

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