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User Manual

User Manual


Dear Student,


Congratulations for buying video lectures on pen drive.  Now you can study anytime anywhere, as per your convenience.  You can set your own time table for study and learn at your pace & speed at the comfort of your home.

      Please follow the instructions given in this user manual for best results and trouble free learning experience.  I hope you will enjoy learning as per your convenience.  In case of any difficulty, you may use the helpline numbers given at the bottom. A pictorial User Guide is also provided with this pen drive for better clarity.


System Requirement :

  1.      Your laptop should have Windows operating system. It should be Windows 7 (with service pack 1 and above) or Windows 8 or 8.1 or Windows 10. The software doesn’t support Windows XP or lower version.  Please ensure that you have the right operating system before your proceed ahead.
  2.      If you are using Windows 7, then ensure that you have Service Pack 1 or above.  Else, you can download it free from Microsoft website.
  3.      Your laptop should have a minimum RAM of 2 GB and above.
  4.      You should have a legal version of anti-virus software installed.  If you format the laptop for any reason or change the operating system later on, the product may not run on it again.
  5.      It is advisable to have your own laptop (and not the borrowed or shared one), so that you can keep on watching the lectures without any interruption and trouble. The product will get installed on one laptop only.  It is a single user product and not multi-user product.


Installation of RioPlayer :

  1. First you need to install RioPlayer software provided to you for playing the video lectures.
  2.  Please insert the pen drive containing video lectures in the USB port.  If there are multiple pen drives, then insert     pen drive no.1.  It contains (a) Folder with video lectures of the subject (b) the RioPlayer set up file and (c) User Guide in PDF format.
  3. Please double click the RioPlayer.Setup file and start the process of installation. [ Note : If your PC is protected by Windows and says that your PC is at risk, then go to ‘More info’ and click Run anyway.]
  4. Keep on clicking next button until the software is installed. [ Note : If your PC says “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes in this computer?” click Yes.]
  5.   Click ‘Close’ on successful installation.
  6.   Now go to the desktop and you will find an icon of RioPlay.  It means, your installation is complete. Now you can go to the next step.
  7.   If you are still facing some problem in installation, then refer the pictorial guide provided with the pen drive. You may read it carefully and follow the steps as explained in it.


Adding Video Lectures to RioPlayer :

  1. Double click on the RioPlay icon created on your desktop. [ Note : If your PC says “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes in this computer?” click Yes.]
  2.  You will get 3 options i.e. Playlists, Now Playing and Settings.
  3.  Click Playlists option and you will find 4 sub-options i.e. Playlist, Tracks, Favorites & Streams.
  4.  Go to Tracks, Go to Add files and browse the files from your pen drive directory.
  5.  In the directory, go to the product subject folder containing video lectures. Click on it to view all the lectures. Now, go to any one lecture and press ‘Control A’ to select all the lectures.
  6.  Click on ‘Open’.  Now, all the lectures will get added in your playlist.  It will take a minute or two to add all the lectures in playlist. 
  7.   After some time, you will find the entire lectures in the playlist.  This process is now over. 

Registration of your Product :

  1.   Let’s now register your product. Please keep the internet connection ON for registration purpose only.  [ Note : You don’t need internet connection for viewing the lectures every day. ]
  2.   Go to playlist containing all the lectures.  Select first lecture and double click the same.  Wait for 30 seconds to allow the PC to load the lecture.  When you do it for the first time, it will show a message that your product is not registered, please register the same.  Click OK.
  3.   A ‘Product Activation’ screen will appear.  It will show Author Name, Product Name and Machine Key automatically.  Just keep them as it is.  It is a pre-feeded information.
  4.   Type the Product Serial Key at the proper place. [ Note : The serial number is provided to you  with the packet of pen drive only and it is unique for each product.  It is of ONE TIME USE only and you are not supposed to share it with anyone. ]
  5.   Leave Activation Key blank, the system will generate it automatically.
  6.   Type your Full Name, Correct Email Id and Mobile Number in the space provided.
  7.   Now click “Register Online” and wait for 30 seconds to complete the process.  Please ensure that your internet connection is ON.  The message will flash that “Registration is Successful.”
  8.   You may go to ‘Settings’ option to check your registration details and expiry date (mm/dd/yyyy).
  9.   If you are facing the problem in registration, then please contact the Technical Support Team on phone number : 94049 94040.


Playing the Video Lectures :

  1.  Please go to ‘Playlists’ option and select the lecture which you want to play.  [ Note : Everytime you want play the video, please go through the RioPlay icon from your desktop only.]
  2.   Double click on the lecture you want to play.  Wait for 30 seconds to load the lecture and it will start playing now.
  3.   It will show the number of views and remaining time. Click OK and proceed further.
  4.   You will find the various options at the bottom strip.  Select full screen option for better view.
  5.   Use headphone for better audio quality and to avoid disturbance.
  6.   It is advisable to view the lectures in the given sequence only for better understanding. 
  7.   Please sit with pen, pencil, calculator and note book.  Please write down the answers in your note book for future reference.  Your sincerity and regularity will pay rich dividend.  You are supposed to read the question carefully from printed notes and then solve with the faculty in your note book.
  8.   On the right hand side top corner, you will find 3 options i.e. Minimize, Maximize or Readjust screen and Close. You need to click on Readjust screen to get the bottom control strip again.
  9.   In case of an emergency, you may pause the lecture and play it again.  For selecting other lecture, go to Playlist again and for viewing the current lecture, go to the option of ‘Now Playing’.
  10.   Wish you Happy Learning !


Other Useful Information :

  1.   This product has a validity period.  The validity starts from the date of registration of the product. The validity of your product is one year. Viewing time is 1.8 times the total hours of recording.  It means, if a lecture is of 2 hours, then you can view it for (2 hours x 1.8) that is for 3.6 hours.  In short, you can revise a particular concept or question, if required.  Pause during viewing is not counted in viewing time.
  2.   You can start and stop (i.e. close) every lecture for maximum 50 times.
  3.   It means, a lecture will expire after either 1.8 times of total viewing hours or 50 views or 1 year, whichever is earlier.
  4.   The software may prompt you to update your usage record every week.  Please do it.
  5.   The contents in the pen drive cannot be copied.  The software in the pen drive will disable all other functions of your computer.  You can view the contents on the screen of your laptop or desktop only.  Any external device or second screen is disabled by the software. 
  6.   Any attempt of copying or public viewing shall be punishable under the Patents and Copyrights Act. It is designed for single user viewing.


Helplines for difficulty

(1)  For Subject related difficulty :

Please contact : CA Rakesh Agrawal Sir

      Mobile : 94222 84169                   Email : ngp.rakesh@gmail.com

      [Please use What’s App or SMS or Email for asking query.  Please also mention your name, product purchased, and serial number in your query.]

[Note : If you want to talk to Rakesh Sir, then please take the prior appointment through What’s App or SMS, because most of the time he might be in the lecture hall and may not pick up your call in the classroom.]


(2)  For Sales & Administration :

Please contact : The Office Staff at Joshi Academy

Address : 4th Floor, Prestige Point, Behind Bajirao Road Telephone Exchange, Pune - 30

      Mobile : 98233 96193                   Landline : (020) 24433283

      [ Office Time : Monday to Saturday between 10 AM to 7 PM ] 


(3)  For Technical difficulty :

Please contact : The Office Staff of Recordshield at 94049 94040

      Email : help@recordshield.net      OR      cs@recordshield.net              

[ Office Time : Monday to Friday between 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM ]

[ Saturday (Half Day) 8:30 AM to 2 PM & All Sundays are Holidays ]


Note : If you don’t get any response on phone, please put your email on our website :

Website : www.carakeshagrawal.in         [ Email option will pop up on home page ]


Please note that your problem will get solved, just have some patience.  We are committed to provide you the best possible services.








* * * * *