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Common mistakes made in online coaching

Dear Student Friends,


There are many advantages of watching the video lectures as per your convenience and comfort.  However, there are few Mistakes also.  Please understand them and avoid these mistakes to take full benefit of the video lecture products.


Mistake No. 1 :

Some students feel that just by buying the video lectures of various subjects, their work is over.  They fail to understand that, these lectures are also to be viewed and understood carefully. It requires quality time.

Solution :

If you are going to view the lectures regularly and carefully and if you are going to allot time for it, then only buy them.  Else, the money will get wasted.  This product is good only for self disciplined students.  Those who want forced discipline, should join either Live batch or Virtual batch.

Mistake No. 2 :

Some students buy many subjects together to get a combination discount.  However, if you activate all of them together out of curiosity, the expiry period will start getting counted and the product will expire before viewing all the lectures.

Solution :

It is better to buy one product at a time and finish it fully.  Don't worry much about losing the discount.  At the most, you may buy 2 products at a time, but not more.

Mistake No. 3 :

As the start and stop button is in your hand, some students study it in any sequence, they fast forward the lecture to complete it faster, skip the theory discussion, don't do the calculations on their own, some students don't write the answer in their notebook etc.

Solution :

Watch all the lectures, including theory in the same sequence.  Sit with calculator and notebook.  Solve the questions along with faculty and note down all the necessary details in your notebook.  Unless you put yourself in a self discipline mode, you won't benefit.

Mistake No. 4 :

Some students do multi-tasking.   That is : the mobile is on, TV is on and the video lecture is also on.  It will cause disaster only.

Solution :

Go to your study room or study table, put the ear phone or head phone while watching the video lectures.  Keep the mobile phone in silent mode and away from you.  Take divorce from TV till you become CA.  There is no way out.  No compromise. No short cut to success.

Mistake No. 5 :

Some students watch the lectures in sharing mode with other student friends, to save money.  However, it leads to more talking, non matching of common timings to sit together, poor visibility of lectures on the same laptop by many etc.

Solution :

First of all, it is difficult to co-ordinate with self schedule itself, it will be further difficult to co-ordinate with friends to sit together at common time.  You will end up wasting time.  Time is the most precious resource, which a CA student has.  Use your own time, as you use money.  It is better to save an attempt (i.e. 6 months), instead of saving money.

Mistake No. 6 :

Some students believe that everything is available for FREE on You Tube and there is no need to buy any lectures.  They can study all the subjects from internet or pirated lectures etc.

Solution :

It is partially correct.  But searching for lectures on You Tube and internet will waste your substantial time.  You may end up viewing something irrelevant, you may not be able to link one lecture with another.  You won't have printed notes with you, no help for difficulty solving etc.  Again you may lose 6 months of your life.  Loss of 6 months is the loss of highest salary which you would earn in these 6 months.  Why do this trial & error with your career.

Instead, subscribe to ICAI Cloud Campus and use their services at a very low cost.  But then you need to trust ICAI and their faculty.  Your 'Trust' in a 'Faculty' is more powerful than the Faculty itself.

You may use free video lectures on YouTube for revision purpose only.  Once you have understood the basic concepts, then you can revise and study from anywhere in any sequence.  Avoid first time study using free lectures.

Mistake No. 7 :

Some students believe that by taking the photocopy of the printed notes and notebooks of their friends, they will understand everything at a very low cost.

Solution :

If you are exceptionally talented, then yes.  Then you can understand from ICAI module itself.  However, it doesn't work in majority cases (i.e. average students). You will only derive mental satisfaction that you have everything with you.  You do have it on piece of paper or on your mobile but not in your mind.  Avoid it.

Difficulty No. 8 :

After studying the subject for the first time, a student tends to forget it over a period of time.  What to do and how to revise?

Solution :

This is a common problem with every human being.  The possible solutions are :

(a)  Use the extra views given in the video lectures for revision purpose, if the product has not yet expired.

(b)  Buy the revision lectures of the same faculty (if available).

(c)  Get the same lectures renewed by paying some nominal amount.

(d) Teach other friends.  Teaching is the best way of learning and revising.

(e)  Form small groups of common friends.  Divide the subjects between yourself.  One friend should study one topic in detail and then explain it to other friends.  This way, all of you can share the responsibility and help each other.



Best of Luck and Wish you Happy Learning !





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